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Bonne Étiquette, meaning good Etiquette, is owned and run by two young black women. We  decided to name our brand ‘Bonne Étiquette’ because our mission is to do exactly that- to provide you with tools that make your self care routine a good one.


We’re not called the human race for nothing. We are constantly racing against time, be it in our careers, relationships or against the deadlines we have set for ourselves. There is always something to learn and unlearn, and this usually happens simultaneously. One thing we can all agree on is that life can get overwhelming at times, even for the best of us.


As Bonne Étiquette, we acknowledge that self-care is an essential aspect one needs to take note of in order to efficiently wear all the hats they need to wear without experiencing burnout.


We have created and curated products to help you wind down after a long day or start off a soulful Sunday; we are here promote rejuvenation of self and mindfulness of the body & soul.


Enjoy our scented candles to declutter your mind, diffusers and linen mists to freshen your space and sheets and more products that we’ll introduce in the future; all designed and developed with your self-care in mind.


Always remember, these products were made for you because your self care matters to us.

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